How To Enter/Track your walk/run:

  • 1)Sign In to
  • 2)Go To My Account
  • 3)Click Drop Down and Choose "Track run/walk"
  • 4)Now enter your distance and time . Click add
  • 5)If you have registered multiple participants,enter one participant at a time.
  • 6)Click "VIEW TEAM'S WORKOUT" to see details of all team members.

How To Print E Certificate:

  • 1)Install Strava/Garmin apps to track your activity
  • 2)Once the activity is completed, use the "share" option in these apps to generate a shareable link
  • 3)Login .Go to "My account"->Certificate
  • 4)Once the link is uploaded, a digital certificate is generated with details of your run( distance and time)
  • You can also print a virtual selfie with a Selfie Frame available there.